North American League of Legends and the Risks of Unchecked Developers in eSports.

This project seeks to showcase the issues that professional eSports players face, focusing on the professional North American League of Legends scene as a case study. The struggles players face in terms of unionization, employee classification, asymmetrical market information, unjust competitive rulings, and related topics will be emphasized. Each portal below either provides background for analysis, rationale for research, or a window into certain aspects of labor rights in eSports. Although it can generally be read in any order, reading top-to-bottom, left-to-right ensures that you have adequate context and background for the analysis. If you feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar with any terminology used in this project, refer to the Glossary tab featured on the Explore menu in the top right corner. Additionally, this project features two historical timelines (which will be referenced in each portal) hosted in the Timelines tab on the Explore menu. One analyzes and identifies issues with Riot's competitive rulings in the North American region and the other provides a brief overview of labor rights-related events in LCS history such as wrist injuries and the creation of Riot's new player's association (NALCSPA).